Pinewood Social: A Place to Meet

There is some understandable confusion when trying to describe Pinewood Social to someone who has never been. It’s a restaurant… It’s a bar… It’s a coffee shop… It’s… a bowling alley? Yes. It’s a dozen things all at once, that all warrant some confusion about why they’re all together in one space.

However, the second you walk through the door, it instantly makes sense.

There may be (literally) hundreds of moving parts between the espresso machines, the bowling lanes, the intensely well thought out bar, and the world class kitchen, driving it all forward, but like a clock, each different piece is perfectly orchestrated. So, even if you walk in confused, don’t make the mistake of staying that way. If you find yourself in Nashville and need a place to meet, a place to eat, a place to drink, or a place to play, Pinewood Social has it all.

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