An Homage to Breakfast

I clearly remember the taste and smell of the first coffee I had in Italy. Thirsty Italians guided us through Rome, looking for the best coffee bar. Suddenly, there I was in Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè, carefully elbowing my way to the bar like an Italian, for a quick breakfast cappuccino. For me, this visit changed everything: it kick-started my passion for coffee, opened up a whole new world of morning routines and, most importantly, it made me feel like I had blended in with the Italians. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Breakfast is my way of recreating the feeling of being home: a proper breakfast makes me feel at home anywhere in the world. After traveling and working for a year, I moved from Norway to England. Breakfast hasn’t changed much, as I’m not a fan of greasy sausages and baked beans, but I finally had the opportunity to eat fresh, local food throughout the year. The only challenge is to be creative whilst living on a student budget.

Breakfast, however, is more than just food. Putting it together is a creative outlet for me, with a focus on simplicity of presentation. It is a way of mixing textures and colours to encourage new ideas, inspire and share with people around me or online. Picking up small elements from breakfasts I’ve had throughout Europe and in South Africa has provided me with a great diversity—although I often end up with poached eggs or an Italian breakfast consisting of espresso and biscotti.

Apart from the food, the secret ingredient to a perfect morning is light.

In Norway, the light gives every morning a magical atmosphere, from the cold and sharp winter to the gentle summer. During the winter, my mornings were spent on the sofa with a duvet, poached eggs, toast and espresso or tea. In summer, my family gathers in our cabin and my mother buys fresh bread, cinnamon rolls and baguettes from the local bakery. Thanks to such seasonal contrasts and diversity, every morning turns into a moment where creativity thrives. The fact that I can only recreate and not live those moments whenever I’m in England makes my trips back to Norway even more special.

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