Escaping to Santa Barbara

Driving up Highway 1, the ocean comes into view and I immediately feel my breath elongate. A smile spreads across my face and I think I actually clap my hands in celebration. A recent New York transplant, I know the desire to escape from the city for a day all too well.

An afternoon in Santa Barbara. A day to think, reflect, explore and laugh. Walking foreign streets, sipping espresso on Spanish-inspired staircases, taking pictures, watching the world go by. Hiking through bucolic trails, meeting characters along the way and breaking bread with friends.

I won’t forget the fading light of the day’s end on the coastline. The obligatory rolled up jeans, one hand holding onto my hat, my feet in the sand, an evening chill in the air. Walking the pier, the water jumped so high I had to shield myself for protection. It was the biggest threat of the day; I just laughed and laughed.

I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Perfectly at peace. Ready to go home to Los Angeles—my adopted city—renewed, rejuvenated and so very lucky. Lucky to live in a place where an escape to paradise is only a short drive away.

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