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Life & Thyme is a global collective of correspondents. Our coverage prioritizes the intersection of the social, political and environmental issues we face today, all through the lens of food. It’s our mission to amplify underrepresented voices in our food systems, through in-depth, solution-based journalism.

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Collaborative and constructive food journalism, with a global mindset.

We believe in global citizenship through food—a responsibility that holds us all accountable for protecting foodways across borders. With a deeper understanding of issues that plague our food systems and the people that work within them, we are more equipped to better understand how food may play a central role in systemic issues, policies and environmental impact.

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Critical thinking on global food issues.

Our stories transcend borders by providing context to global issues through the lens of food culture, contributed and commented upon by experts and journalists around the world. Here is a peek at what to expect.


In partnership with PBS, The Migrant Kitchen is an ongoing documentary series highlighting the immigrant experience in America through food. The Migrant Kitchen has earned three Emmy awards, Los Angeles Press Club Awards, as well as multiple nominations for the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Food Sovereignty

Despite decades of policies discouraging Puerto Ricans from farming their lands, local farmers and activists lead the move to reclaim local agriculture in the face of crisis.

Food Activism

In Compton, Lemel Durrah of Compton Vegan provides plant-based options for his community, and builds for a better future.

A dish in action

Changing political climates in Afghanistan pushed millions of refugees into Pakistan. And in about four decades, they ended up changing the Pakistani foodscape.


The journey of an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, who rose to become sous chef of one of New York City’s top restaurants.


In Bristol, England, the deep roots of Jamaican cuisine and it’s often-copied culture serve as an example of just how detrimental cultural appropriation really is.


In March of this year, amid chaos caused by inconsistent and vague stay-at-home orders in response to Covid-19, sweeping restaurant closures threatened destruction across the food industry. Boiling Point chronicles this catastrophic moment through those frontline food workers, while exploring the deep cracks in the system that led to this crisis.

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