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A Word From Our Founder

Hi. And welcome to Life & Thyme. While supercilious language often plagues many About pages, I figure I cut to the chase and have you hear—or rather, read—who we are from the horse’s mouth. I’ll make it brief, I promise.

Life & Thyme is not your ordinary food publication. Yes, we document food culture, and yes, we shoot many pretty photos of food, however, we’re not after top 10 lists, hot trends, or reviewing restaurants. We’re after stories. Global stories. Stories about the emotion, struggles, successes, history, craft, and issues that surround food culture. Simply put, we’re hungry for stories about people.

And through these stories—whether they may be cinematic short films, longform essays, interviews, or photography—we hope to provide context of the many hands that come together to feed us as a global community, whether you live in Los Angeles or Istanbul. Food is the one thing we all have in common, so let’s connect the dots with storytelling.

A lot has changed since our inception in 2012 and no longer are we just another blog. In early 2015, we launched a printed publication ranging from 96 to 120 pages on beautiful, high quality uncoated paper that continues our mission to document food culture with character-driven narratives. It’s our labor of love, supported by readers like yourself, with a new issue releasing every quarter (buy it online or from our stockists).

We’re a small, tight-knit crew, with a homebase in Los Angeles, that collaborates with a network of over 100 writers and photographers spanning several countries with a shared passion. We love food, but we love people more. And without their stories, food is only fuel.

Antonio Diaz


Editorial Team

Antonio Diaz
Founder & Editor in Chief

Stef Ferrari
Senior Editor

Gia Hughes
Associate Editor

Josh Telles
Staff Photographer

Ben Hunter
Staff Filmmaker