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The Florence Issue

The Florence Issue is the travel companion to the birthplace of the Renaissance, the City of Lilies, and home to the Negroni.

A Road Map to 2024

A Road Map to 2024

A look into where Life & Thyme is headed.

The Staples of Florence

The Staples of Florence

Do as the locals do: here are a few staple dishes and drinks of Florentine life.

Inside the Mind of La Marzocco’s Head Designer, Stefano Della Pietra

Inside the Mind of La Marzocco’s Head Designer, Stefano Della Pietra

La Marzocco’s head designer, Stefano Della Pietra, on Piero Bambi, his design philosophy, and the legacy of the espresso company.

Where To Eat & Drink In Florence

Where To Eat & Drink In Florence

From markets, cafes, and restaurants to finding the best gelato or cocktail for aperitivo hour, here are first hand recommendations from our team and Florentine locals.

What You Need To Know Before You Land In Florence

What You Need To Know Before You Land In Florence

A starter guide on getting around Florence and a handful of Italian words to get you your first espresso in the City of Lilies.

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Featured Contributors
Phoebe Hunt

Dalla Lola: The Modern Trattoria

Fourth-generation chef, Matilde Pettini, proves that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand, even in Tuscany.

Zahra Spencer

Barbados’ Bold Quest To Claim the “Birthplace of Rum”

From its sinister beginnings, Barbados’ rum is steeped in a rich and complicated legacy that today’s local rum producers are on a mission to reclaim.

Lindsey Allen

Okra’s Journey To and Through the American South

Tracing okra’s journey to Southern staple status means acknowledging the vegetable’s West African roots—and the people who brought it here.

Dakota Kim

At Sohui Kim’s Restaurants, Korean Food Is American as Apple Pie

Sohui Kim is at the forefront of technique- and flavor-driven Brooklyn cuisine with her three restaurants, where she serves Korean-inflected American food derived from her family memories and ancestral traditions.

Paola Nagovitch

Artisanal Rum Distilleries Make Room for Themselves in Puerto Rico

Local Puerto Rican producers like San Juan Artisan Distilleries are innovating to find a niche in an industry dominated by rum giants that have been in business for decades.

Marianne Dhenin

The Empire of Palm Oil and the Making and Unmaking of Racial Capitalism

A critical reading of palm oil reveals the structural cruelties of our world—and how we might make a new world in its place.

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