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    In Procida, Italy, a tradition of preservation is carried out for purposes of both food and family, through the customary process of passata di pomodoro.

  • Profiles

    Giving Candy a Definition

    In Portland, Oregon, Jami Curl’s Quin Candy harnesses science and magic to make products that people of all ages enjoy.

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    Seaweed Is the Next Superfood

    Cookbook Author Hetty McKinnon goes under the sea to explore algae as a sustainable food source for the future, and shares her recipe for hijiki salad with chilled soba noodles.

  • Reflections

    Ruminations: A Feast for the Souls

    History has long respected the connection between living and dead; Mexico's Día de los Muertos does so with food, like Pan de Muertos.

  • Reflections

    Grillworks: The Wood Detail

    Grillworks’ owner, Benjamin Eisendrath, recalls the role of fire and the gathering of wood growing up in a grilling family.

City Guide

Turin: City of Specialty

In Italy’s Piedmont region, the city of Turin shines with specialties that delight diners of the local and visiting kind alike.

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Turning Over a New Leaf

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