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Life & Thyme Post: The Tradition Issue

Observing tradition and its many forms has been a challenge in 2020, but in the latest issue of Life & Thyme Post, we document individuals and communities around the globe that are using this moment of disruption—to evaluate old customs due for a change, to establish new, more sustainable ones for the future—proving that the most important tradition we have as humans, is to pass on our experience to others.

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Traditional Markets Give Anchorage Transplants a Taste of Home

Traditional Markets Give Anchorage Transplants a Taste of Home

In Alaska, traditional markets create a sense of home in one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Seafood Delicacies Find Their Way Into Home Kitchens

Seafood Delicacies Find Their Way Into Home Kitchens

In the wake of restaurant closures, the fishing industry finds a new market among home cooks.

The Poppy

The Poppy

Marred by a history of British Colonialism, poppy has now been cemented as a prominent ingredient in Bengali cuisine.

Baking Bread at the Bottom of the World

Baking Bread at the Bottom of the World

Isolated in Antarctica, chef Karin Jansdotter finds comfort in new culinary hobbies like making sourdough and fermented products.

2020 in Review

2020 in Review

A reflection on our work, the lessons we learned, and what’s next for Life & Thyme.

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Featured Contributors
Meher Mirza

Following Naan Through Asia

Regardless of where it travels, the flatbread known in Indian cuisine as naan shares its gastronomic inheritance with several countries in Asia.

Stef Ferrari

Plenty: A Short Story

In the not-so-distant future, food is a source of memory, survival, and human connection in this speculative fiction short story.

Samanta Helou Hernandez

Bertha Gonzalez Brings Friends to Celebrate Ten Years of Tequila

In Mexico, Bertha Gonzalez commemorates the tenth anniversary of her tequila brand, Casa Dragones, with some of the country’s most notable culinary women.

Ferron Salniker

How Immigration and Trade Policy Have Shaped U.S. Agriculture

A history of immigration, trade and discriminatory economic policies have made U.S. farms dependent on exploitable labor mostly by Latinx immigrants.

Elena Valeriote

Diaspora Co.’s Vision for the Spice Trade’s Future

Diaspora Co. prioritizes transparency, equity and sustainability while providing fresh, high-quality spices.

Oren Peleg

Coffee in Crisis, Part Two: The Cost of our Morning Cup

Combined with the effects of climate change, a pricing crisis creates an uncertain future for specialty coffee.

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