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The Life Cycle of Food: Chapter 1, Regenerating the Earth
Healthy soil is where healthy food systems begin. The first installment to The Life Cycle of Food invites leading chefs, farmers, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they are building better food systems through technology, regenerative practices, and sustainability.
April 19 | Los Angeles

Previous Events

Conversations From the Palestinian Diaspora
A discussion around how food offers a connection to a larger global community and a lens into history for Palestinians living in the diaspora.
June 28 | Online | Free

Spirits of Los Angeles
In collaboration with ROW DTLA, Life & Thyme presents Spirits of Los Angeles, a month-long series focusing on exploring the cultures that call Los Angeles home through their spirits.
Thursdays | Los Angeles | Free

Equity and Innovation in Food Sourcing
In collaboration with NeueHouse, a discussion on the current and future state of local and transnational agricultural supply chains with Chef Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Jose Gaviria of Masienda and Aaron Choi of Girl & Dug Farm.
March 1 | Webinar | Free

Building Life & Thyme’s Editorial and the Current State of Journalism
A behind the scenes conversation with our editors on building Life & Thyme’s editorial engine and the current state of food journalism.
October 16 | Webinar | Free

How to Live the Italian Life at Home
Dive into the many exciting and idiosyncratic traditions of Italian Culture, and how to enjoy them right at home.
September 3 | Webinar | Free

A Conversation about Queerness in the Modern Food Industry
The modern experience for LGBTQ communities in the culinary industry is the result of a major evolution. We’ve seen more representation across the board, but there is still much to be considered when it comes to the future of the queer community in food.
July 7 | Webinar | Free

An In-Depth Look at the Food Industry’s Undocumented Labor Force
Undocumented labor is one of the most divisive and fraught political discussions in the U.S. How did our food system become so reliant on migrant labor?
June 24 | Webinar | Free

Designing for the Post-Covid Restaurant
The reopening of restaurants and the experience of dining in a post-Covid world raise questions about more than just how chefs will need to adapt their food for cautious diners—restaurant design and business models will need to radically evolve as well. 
May 29 | Webinar | Free

Storytelling During Times of Crisis
Go behind the scenes on how food journalists and photographers are adapting their creative process during Covid-19.
May 26 | Webinar | Free

The State and Future of Global Foodways
An international panel discussion hosted by Life & Thyme on how Italy, Colombia and the United States are protecting their local foodways during Covid-19.
May 11 | Webinar

Webinar: The Business of Alcohol in the COVID Era
A virtual panel discussion hosted by Life & Thyme on how the alcohol industry is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.
May 6 | Webinar

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