You are invited to unlock a hidden door inside a 143-year-old members club in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded in 1880, The Los Angeles Athletic Club is the city’s first private club when Los Angeles was a town of only 11,000 people. Members like Charlie Chaplin, Frank Baum, and several Olympians socialized within the Club’s walls. Behind this door is a different dimension, a blast into a bygone era filled with wonder, mischief, and tricksters. You hide yourself only through an eccentric mask as you enter a roaring twenties masquerade ball of high society.

Experience an evening with the finest libations, an abundance of sweets, and music by THE NONSEMBLE to move your feet. But hidden underneath the building are historical secrets and superstitions of the supernatural kind. Only those that dare are invited to take an elevator down to the Club’s basement for a tour of the underworld in search of what lies through the shadows.

This is Halloween, costumes are enforced. Set in the 1920s, the theme of the night is Old Hollywood Masquerade Party. Fancy attire with a masquerade mask. Need help? Search for Venetian or domino mask.

The Haunted Underground Tour
The Haunted Underground Tour is an immersive experience into the basement of The Los Angeles Athletic Club. Upon party check-in, guests can reserve a tour time slot. Reservations for the tour are limited to first come, first served. Guests who are afraid of the dark or of being spooked are encouraged to remain at the ball (and to enjoy the abundance of desserts, music & drinks).

Friday, October 27

Los Angeles Athletic Club
431 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Tickets $30

21+ event

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