Conversations From the Palestinian Diaspora

For the over 6 million Palestinians that live in diaspora, food serves as a means of connection. Dishes and recipes that have been passed down through generations offer a bridge to the vibrant global community of Palestinians.

Yet, stereotypes and misattribution consistently cast a shadow over Palestinian cuisine and culture. What are some of these stereotypes? How do you keep a culture alive in the diaspora? What does the term “Middle East” mean and why is Palestinian cuisine often obscured under this monolith?

On hand to answer these questions, and more, will be Palestinian-American writer, director, and filmmaker Jibrael Younes; James Beard Award nominated Chef and founder of Reem’s California Reem Assil; and Chef Fadi Kattan who is based in Bethlehem and is currently opening a new restaurant in London.


Tuesday, June 28
9AM PT / 12PM ET


Free with RSVP

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