Help us provide a voice to an industry that needs it most.

We’ll be honest: we’re worried.

We are living in the most divided time of our generation and we are determined not to stay on the sidelines. Nearly every policy and social issue impacts our entire food system, from immigration, racial division and wage inequality to global trade, climate change and agricultural policy. Yet, coverage of this nature is severely underreported in an industry that is primarily made up of minorities and those without a voice to speak up against injustices.

Let’s do something about it.

We’re asking the industry to come together.

We want to build a collaborative movement that works together to tell the right stories, fights against injustices through investigative journalism, cultivates community empowerment, and become a collective voice for a more informed food system.

Initiative 01

Cooperative Food Journalism.

We realize chefs, farmers and other professionals are the boots on the ground, the ones living the stories we publish every week, so why not include them in the process? By inviting those working in the industry to contribute their expertise and knowledge during the editorial process and our future investigative reporting, we can collaborate, sharing both knowledge and resources for a more informed food community, offline and online.

Initiative 02

Advocacy through Food.

We all know that food, at every level, is political. Food is climate change. Food is immigration. Food is survival—but it’s also a major part of our economies, communities, histories and ecosystems. Let’s collectively work together to tackle social issues and make change through food, on a global and local level.

Initiative 03

A more connected industry.

Become and stay connected to chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, founders, philanthropists, food writers and other leading experts across the globe in an effort to foster more meaningful relationships and exchange ideas for a better food world. We need more practical forms of communication through technology that go beyond social media.

Initiative 04

Champion reader-funded journalism.

Journalism as a whole is in crisis with diminishing advertising dollars—primarily consumed by Google and Facebook—and the misinformed assumption that digital journalism should be free. But the tides are changing and journalism is redefining itself to be less clickbait-y and more reader-focused and more importantly: reader-funded. We are ad-free and recently launched our Membership Program to support our editorial. With your help, we can collectively champion the need for community-backed food journalism to help fund stories that matter.

We cant do this alone. Join the Brigade and lets make a difference.

Who can join?

We encourage leaders, innovators and experts in the food industry (chefs, farmers, food writers, cultural professors, etc.) to apply but only candidates that exhibit leadership, a passion for advocacy & sustainability, and strive for a more inclusive and thoughtful food system will be accepted. All candidates are interviewed before acceptance.

What does it mean to be a part of the Brigade?

Brigaders become a critical driving force in our journalistic trajectory and for our own sustainability—think of them as ambassadors. The ideal Brigader will champion our mission for independent food journalism, promote industry inclusiveness, share knowledge and engage in food issues for a better tomorrow.


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