At the Bar with Lineage Coffee Roasting
Orlando, FL

At the Bar with Lineage Coffee Roasting

Upon returning home to Florida after living in coffee-­centric San Francisco, I was in desperate need of a great cup of joe. At the same time, I kept seeing photos of the coolest brew bar pop up on my Instagram, so I did some investigating. I discovered the photos were of Lineage Coffee Roasting, Orlando’s craft coffee roaster. I reached out to founder Jarrett Johnson about taking photos for my portfolio and, soon, I was up bright and early for a photoshoot and a coffee lesson.

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I found Lineage nestled inside E​ast End Market​, located in the Audubon Park District of Orlando. The concept of East End Market is fairly new to Central Florida. It’s a neighborhood market—think a smaller­ version of Chelsea Market in New York—offering goods from local food artisans and merchants. Orlando has always had superb local food resources and East End is the venue it’s needed to showcase them. It’s clear to see why Lineage decided to make their home there.

Their concept is simple. They offer a brew bar featuring pour­ overs that showcase their roasted coffees and reveal how different brewing methods produce variant flavors. Jarrett says, “As a craft roaster, it is our job to seek out great lots of coffee and then dial in a roast profile that will highlight that bean. I always tell customers, it’s all about the flavors that region has to offer.” And that’s exactly what customers get to learn when they stop by the shop. They’re provided with a great cup of coffee while also learning its story. Alternately, they serve the most delicious bottled cold brew coffee if you need to cool down from the Florida heat. It’s simply the best in town.

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Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about what goes in to a good cup of coffee. Even after living in San Francisco, I never had a pour­over and, let me just say, it changes everything. I tried Lineage’s E​thiopia Yirgacheffe and it was a major step away from any coffee I’ve ever tasted. I expected a strong, overbearing flavor, but instead, it was tea­like and floral. I could have sipped away all day. Between cupping and shooting, Jarrett was kind enough to share his story.

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Upon moving to Orlando in 2012, he and his wife Justine wanted to open a brewery. However, Jarrett was asked to roast some coffee for his brother’s business and was instantly hooked. He learned all he could on the topic and immediately fell in love with coffee and the culture behind it. He knew then that he wanted to open a non-­pretentious, third ­wave shop that would be all about teaching people this new style of coffee. Third­wave refers to a current movement that focuses on improving all stages of production with the end result being high­ quality artisanal coffee.

I’ll vouch for the entire Orlando community and say t​hey have done just that. Jarrett and the Lineage team love what they do and it shows in every cup they serve. The passion they put into their coffee helps strengthen Orlando’s food culture everyday.

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Lineage Coffee Roasting
3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

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