Designing for the Post-Covid Restaurant

Discussions around the reopening of restaurants and the experience of dining in a post-Covid world raise questions about more than just how chefs will need to adapt their food for cautious diners—restaurant design and business models will need to radically evolve as well. 

What was once the norm, like shared plates and shoulder-to-shoulder tables to maximize covers, or trendy communal tables, may become prehistoric—artifacts of the pandemic. As the country inches toward an open economy, the future of restaurant dining and the spaces they occupy will be faced with uncharted waters. But one thing is for certain: change is coming, and restaurants need to prepare.

In conversation with Founder Antonio Diaz, Life & Thyme welcomes Elizabeth Tilton, founder and CEO of hospitality services firm Oyster Sunday (New Orleans and New York City); Alexis Readinger, founder of hospitality design and architecture firm Preen Inc. (Los Angeles); Timothy Hollingsworth, chef and owner of Otium (Los Angeles); Simon Kim, restaurateur and owner of the Michelin-starred Cote (New York City) to discuss potential blueprints for restaurant success in a new reality.

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Friday, May 29, 2020
11:30am PDT
2:30pm EDT


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