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No. 12 — Winter 2023

The winter issue of Life & Thyme Post explores the concept of legacy, reflecting on what we’ve inherited, and what we will leave behind. It weighs the burden of legacy against the joy of preserving traditions, and asks when we should turn away from legacy to create something better.

Meet Dina Brewster, whose family has stewarded land in Connecticut for 86 years. Learn about the impact of Don Armando Scannone who left an irrefutable mark on Venezuelan cuisine. Explore the journey of Arabic flavors to, and through, Argentina. And take a trip through Northern California on the trail of crawfish.

In This Issue

The Women Responsible for Italian Rice—and Workers’ Rights
By Elena Valeriote

Chef Jordan Rainbolt is redefining Southern food by taking the cuisine The legacy of Italy’s mondine—the women who historically weeded the country’s many rice fields—is agricultural, cultural, culinary, and above all, political.

In Argentina, a Spoken Legacy Challenges History Books
By Kevin Vaughn

Across Argentina’s Northern Andes, Syro-Lebanese communities challenge the notions of local cuisine.

The Plight of Louisiana Red Crawfish in the Sacramento Valley
By Katie Carter King

In California’s Sacramento Valley, the invasive red swamp crawfish is considered an agricultural menace, unlike in its native region of Louisiana, where it remains a beloved meal and high-grossing cash crop.

A Civil Engineer Reminds Venezuelans of Who They Are
By Jose M. Ripol

Armando Scannone, the civil engineer-turned-gourmand who published one of Venezuela’s most important cookbooks, passed away last year. As Venezuelans continue to flee en masse, his legacy of cultural preservation lives on.

Star in Screen and Guide: Hélène Darroze’s Cuisine D’Auteur
By Emily Monaco

Behind Michelin-starred Chef Chef Hélène Darroze’s ever- present smile is a veritable tour de force of nostalgic flavors and sharp savoir faire.

Cooking by Heart: Preserving Italy’s Culinary History, One Fading Recipe at a Time
By Lauren Newark Maynard

Chef and author Mary Ann Esposito, host of TV’s longest-running cooking show, made it her life’s mission to share and preserve traditional Italian recipes before they disappear.

“Every time I travel, something comes out of that trip. Every time I talk to a chef, every time I meet someone—you nourish yourself with what you live and who you meet. I think that’s cuisine.”

— Chef Hélène Darroze from “A Star in Screen and Guide: Hélène Darroze’s Cuisine D’Auteur” 

Barbados’ Bold Quest To Claim the “Birthplace of Rum”
By Zahra Spencer

From its sinister beginnings, Barbados’ rum is steeped in a rich and complicated legacy that today’s local rum producers are on a mission to reclaim.

Coffee in Britain: A Legacy of Slavery
By Rebecca Batley

The exploration and awareness of the part slavery played in the history of coffee in London can offer hope for the future.

The Fight To Rewild the American Northeast
By Ariel Knoebel

Small, organic and family-owned farms scattered throughout the Northeast are staging a quiet revolt against the American commercial farming industry by rewilding the landscape.

Chef Akira Hirose Creates a Beautiful Memoir and Honors Japanese Angeleno History with Azay
By Lisa Kwon

After 40 years of defining Japanese French cuisine all around the world, Chef Akira Hirose celebrates his homecoming in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

10 Years of Life & Thyme
By the Editors of Life & Thyme 

A look back at how it all began.

“By rebuilding the foundation on which the natural ecosystem is built, these farm- ers are offering a habitat in which migrating pollinator birds and insects can find shelter and food, and in turn ensure the health of all plants growing in the region that depend on those pollinators to survive, and the animals that depend on those plants.”

— Ariel Knoebel from “The Fight To Rewild the American Northeast”

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