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No. 7 — Winter 2021

Observing tradition and its many forms has been a challenge in 2020, but in the latest issue of Life & Thyme Post, we document individuals and communities around the globe that are using this moment of disruption—to evaluate old customs due for a change, to establish new, more sustainable ones for the future—proving that the most important tradition we have as humans, is to pass on our experience to others. 

In This Issue

The Poppy
By Kamalika Mukherjee
An Unutilized Product in Bengal Challenges the Roots of British Imperialism.

The Roots of Regenerative Agriculture
By Julie Kunen
Founded on practices of Indigenous and Black farmers, a promise for the future of farming.

Baking Bread At the Bottom Of the World
By Zoe Baillargeon
Isolated in Antarctica, chef Karin Jansdotter finds comfort in new culinary hobbies.

How Immigrants Plan To Cope With Holidays Away From Home
By Brishti Basu
Immigrants must find new ways to celebrate the holiday season during the pandemic.

Ash-e Anar Recipe
By Debb Michail
Ash-e anar symbolizes abundance, with pomegranates representing the abundance of blessings, and crimson food the dawn and glow of life.

Pier to Plate
By Annelise Jolley
In the wake of restaurant closures, the fishing industry finds a new market among home cooks.

“Argentina cannot begin to meaningfully work toward a sustainable agrarian model if the rest of the world fails to question its consumption of an unsustainable one.”

— Kevin Vaughn, A Cultural Custom and the Global Demand for Beef

A Cultural Custom and the Global Demand for Beef
By Kevin Vaughn
Confronted with effects of the climate crisis, Argentina grapples with its deep history as a global beef producer.

A Vision for the Spice Trade’s Future
By Elena Valeriote
Diaspora Co. prioritizes transparency, equity and sustainability while providing fresh, high-quality spices.

Aloo Gobi Recipe
By Badmaash
From Badmaash in Los Angeles, a recipe for a versatile classic Indian cauliflower dish with nourishing properties.

How Cassava Bread Defied an Empire
By Richard Collett
On the Honduran island of Roatán, a cultural center preserves baking traditions of an exiled people.

Rooftop Oases Nourish Body and Mind in Urban Egypt
By Marianne Dhenin
A practice of rearing poultry and livestock on rooftops has helped sustain families in crowded urban areas for generations.

How the Sugar War Has Shaped Our World
By Peter Matthews
From slavery to Brexit, sugar’s complicated history.

“Agriculture must generate positive impact—for people, for the planet, and for food itself. And the key is soil. ”

— Julie Kunen, The Roots of Regenerative Agriculture

Traditional Markets Give Anchorage Transplants a Taste of Home
By Bailey Berg
In Alaska, traditional markets create a sense of home in one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Black Food Got Our Dishes Evicted
By Ray Mwareya
In this personal reflection, writer Ray Mwareya shares how Black dishes carried by immigrants from Africa sometimes invite racial hostility.

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