Guide to Los Angeles’ Chinatown
Los Angeles, California

Guide to Los Angeles’ Chinatown

A guide to where to eat in Los Angeles’ Chinatown from Steep’s Samuel Wang

Editor’s Note: This guide is excerpted from CHART, a book published by Samuel Wang. The first issue focuses on Los Angeles’ Chinatown and is available for purchase at Steep LA or APT 135.

Since Steep started in Chinatown, I have had this idea in my head—to make a guide for Chinatown that includes some of the spots we frequently visit in hopes of seeing more people walk around and try all the places. It did take a long time to put together, and Covid forced me to take a pause on this project. It became even more paramount that this guide became a reality as Chinatown saw its visitors dwindle post-Covid. CHART is now real and live.

You can purchase the guide in store or online at Steep LA or APT 135 with all the profits going to East Wind Lion Dance Troupe, a nonprofit foundation located in Chinatown helping at-risk youth through Traditional Chinese Lion Dancing.

Phoenix Bakery
969 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

With now the fourth generation in charge, Phoenix Bakery is one of the very few remaining businesses that opened when Chinatown was established. It’s the staple of Chinatown and its famous Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake and Wintermelon Pastry has brought joy to generations of Angelenos.


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970 N. Broadway, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Steep LA is a modern tea room and eatery focusing on the premium teas handpicked from Asia and a food menu created from childhood memories. They also have a dedicated retail section to sustainability-focused local makers and curated tea-wares sourced directly from China.


Foo Chow
949 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Even if you have not watched Rush Hour, you would know this restaurant was featured in the movie (prominently featured on the exterior wall). However, Foo Chow is more than a movie prop. Its Chinese American food has been a mainstay of Chinatown for many years.

即使沒看過「尖峰時刻」,你也會知道這家餐廳是電影的取景地之一 (因為外牆上有很大的中文介紹)。然而,福州飯店不僅是一個電影背景。多年來,它的美式中餐一直是中國城的招牌。

Full House Seafood
963 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

While it no longer serves food until 3 a.m., Full House Seafood still serves its authentic Cantonese cuisine until 1 a.m. on the weekends. It has been a household name since 1981 while serving some of the freshest seafood and the most amazing dim sum in Chinatown.

漁邨海鮮是少數在洛杉磯營業到深夜的中餐館,在週末它甚至會營業到凌晨1點以後。自 1981 年以來,它憑藉正宗的粵菜口味家喻戶曉,其中包括新鮮的海鮮和美味的點心。

My Dung
314 Ord Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

With its no-frills, short and simple menu of eight banh mis, My Dung is a hidden treasure of Chinatown. Located inside a tiny produce market, you’ll be immediately greeted by the shop owner who is ready to take orders, and some of the best banh mi in the area.


Phoenix Inn
301 Ord Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

As the original location of the Phoenix restaurant group, Phoenix Inn has been dedicated to bringing the taste of Hong Kong to Los Angeles since 1965, with a menu that continues to innovate while sticking to the classics. According to the owner, the restaurant still retains around 85% of the flavor even after nearly 60 years in business.

作為鳳凰餐飲集團的創始店,鳳城菜館自1965 年起,致力於分享香港的美食。據店主介紹,這家餐廳經營近 60 年,他們在保持經典港式風味的同時,也不斷創新改良其菜單。

Qin West
Multiple locations

Qin West Noodle is a fast-casual noodle house focusing on food from Shanxi and Guilin Province, which is known for rice-based noodle dishes. The regional and extremely delicious Northern Chinese flavors are a departure from many of the Southern Chinese dishes available in the rest of Chinatown.


Kim Chuy Restaurant
727 N. Broadway, Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Kim Chuy has been serving one of the most authentic Teochew-style noodles in Los Angeles since it opened in 1982. Normally their noodles are served with tasty broth with a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables in a bowl. It is definitely a casual dining experience, but with an old school charm.

自 1982 年開業以來,金水潮州粿條常年供應全洛杉磯最地道的潮州風味麵條。滾燙濃鬱的湯底,配以各種肉、海鮮和蔬菜,這碗麵用最傳統的技藝打造出最愜意的就餐體驗。

Pearl River Deli
935 Mei Ling Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pearl River Deli is a new Hong Kong-style restaurant. Chef Johnny Lee brings the vibes and the taste of street-side stalls to Chinatown. Through their signature dishes like Char Siu and Soy Sauce Chicken, you can enjoy a snippet of Hong Kong’s distinctive food culture that was popularized in the 1950s.

三川美食是一家新派港式風味的寶藏店。主廚Johnny Lee將港式大排檔的特色帶到中國城。嘗上一口招牌叉燒和豉油雞,食客彷彿立刻置身於1950年代的香港,感受當時的飲食文化。

Long’s Family Pastry
715 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Known for their amazing prices and a huge assortment of Chinese dim sum, Long’s Family Pastry goods are sold by the piece and have always been some of the best. It is extremely rare to not see many people waiting in line every morning for their dim sum fix.


Jade Wok
625 W. College Street, Suite 109
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Customers always order the homemade tofu. After all, Jade Wok claims it is the best tofu in town. Considering that it dares to open the restaurant off the main streets of Chinatown, that statement is definitely not too far-fetched. At least no one else has laid claim to its title.


Gigo’s Cafe & Deli
853 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Don’t let its modest décor deter you. While Gigo’s Cafe & Deli serves typical Vietnamese dishes like phở and rice plates, it is known for bún bò Huế, a central Vietnam dish consisting of a spicy rice noodle soup served with beef shank, pork hock and pork blood cubes.


Photos courtesy of Jason Kao

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