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Bricia Lopez On Diversity and Transparency

December 4, 2020

Bricia Lopez’s impact on the food community is undeniable. Her work with mezcal is just part of a larger mission to educate people on Oaxacan culture. Guelaguetza, the restaurant Lopez’s father founded and Bricia currently runs, has become an institution of Oaxacan food.

Bricia has been in the industry long enough to see the pattern in the voices that are amplified in the community and thinks it’s time for a change. She believes in newsrooms taking accountability for diversity in their stories and transparency around what it’s actually like to work in a kitchen.

Bricia joins the Life & Thyme Brigade, our growing network of industry professionals who we look to for guidance in building a better future for our food systems. We invite you to join us on this mission to create a more equitable and informed future by becoming a Life & Thyme member.


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