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Webinar: How to Live the Italian Life at Home

September 10, 2020

Recent years have found us enthusiastically swapping “Happy Hour” for “Apericena,” embracing bracingly bitter amari after dinner, and mixing more Negroni than we can shake an orange peel at.

From borrowing methods in the kitchen to the ways in which we socialize, Americans have come a long way from just Sunday gravy and spaghetti and meatballs when it comes to borrowing from Italian culture. And there are still so many customs to explore.

In conversation with Senior Editor, Stef Ferrari, Dr. Danielle Callegari (Ph.D./Lecturer in Italian Studies, Podcast Host of Gola), Ali LaRaia (Chef, entrepreneur & co-founder of ali & alix), and Vicky Bennison (Founder and author of the Pasta Grannies cookbook), we dive into the many exciting and idiosyncratic traditions of Italian Culture, and how to enjoy them right at home.


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