Hibernating Inside Bolt Coffee Co.
Providence, RI

Hibernating Inside Bolt Coffee Co.

Harsh winds, white-out snow, single digit temperatures, and your car getting stuck in a snowbank has become the theme this winter here in New England. People tend to walk a little faster, scurrying to hibernate in coffee shops and cafes around Providence just a little bit longer. One of my personal favorite coffee shops, Bolt Coffee Company, is nestled in the heart of the city inside the boutique Dean Hotel.

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I find myself (and many others) coming here regularly to order a latte with fresh whole milk or one of their mochas made with Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers Chocolate, and sitting at the communal table to work or chat with other locals. The scene at Bolt is always vibrant with artists, travelers, and coffee-lovers alike. Walking into the shop, you are immediately greeted by a friendly barista and the welcoming smell of espresso and fresh ground coffee. I find myself looking down to appreciate the artisan tile work and eclectic décor as I watch one of the baristas prepare my drink with immense attention to detail. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with talented co-owner and barista, Bryan Gibb, and my friend Aimee, to enjoy some coffee and chat about upcoming projects.

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Later that afternoon, we moved next door to grab some lunch at Faust, an eatery who, like Bolt Coffee Company, settled into the modern arms of The Dean Hotel. Faust specializes in craft beers and German cuisine with incredible authenticity. Aimee and I were instantly drawn to beautiful interior and vintage adornments. During the day, the room is flooded with beautiful natural light and at night they provide a real sense of welcoming intimacy with low incandescent hanging chandeliers. I met with head chef of the Hofbrauhaus, Mike Lingwall, and he prepared some classic entrees for us to try.

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Being inside The Dean is always an enjoyable experience in and of itself. Next time you pay Providence a visit, be sure to check out this beautiful establishment, grab some lunch or coffee, and stay awhile.

We can all get through winter with some good company and some good coffee.

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Bolt Coffee at The Dean Hotel
122 Fountain St, Providence, RI 02903

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