A Life & Thyme Pop-Up Dinner
Los Angeles, CA

A Life & Thyme Pop-Up Dinner

With an alarming increase of media attention on chefs, restaurants, and food culture in general, one would think that the path to chef-dom is paved with glitz and glamour. The reality is that behind those kitchen doors, cooks face a very long road of discipline, physical and mental exhaustion, little pay, and a life solely dedicated to the craft and the comrades who are crazy enough to join them.

It’s hard work. Really hard work.

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For many, working at a fine establishment under a seasoned chef might be enough, but for sous-chefs Joseph Johnson (Melisse) and Gary Nguyen (previously: Melisse, Alma), they’re scheming creative ways to stand out and make a mark for themselves in a chef-y chef world. From making aprons to hosting pop-up dinners, the life of a cook has become more about building a personal brand, while also being able to execute flawlessly in a society whose palate and expectations have become a bit more savvy.

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On a summer evening in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Life & Thyme, Cocktail Academy, and Joseph & Gary came together to host a Life & Thyme Pop-up Dinner consisting of a multi-course meal, lively conversation among friends, and a loft kitchen converted to a miniature restaurant kitchen fully equipped with a makeshift pass for plating.

On the Menu

  1. Amuse: Cherry Tree & Soda
  2. Oyster: Green Gazpacho, Sea Foam, Green Tea
  3. Plums: Green Strawberries, Arugula, Burrata, Prosciutto
  4. Salmon: Courgette, Tomato, Ricotta
  5. Chicken: Amaranth, Spring Onion, Potato
  6. Peach: Mascarpone, Honey, Bacon, Mint

Event Partners: Cocktail Academy, Cork District

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