Drip Coffee Brewing Guide
Pasadena, CA

Drip Coffee Brewing Guide

“Drip” is arguably the most widely used coffee brewing method in America. Though, in recent years, the popularity of manually brewing drip coffee has soared for its superior and more delicate taste than auto-drip coffee makers. It’s a process that requires a bit more focus, skill, and delicate movements—but the results are worth it.

Our fascination with drip coffee can be traced to Melitta Bentz, who invented the paper coffee filter in Germany, in 1908. On July 8, 1908, she was granted a patent, and thus the Melitta Group was born, making the 35-year old housewife a businesswoman and pioneer of something we often take for granted today: paper coffee filters.

On one of my coffee adventures, I found myself at Copa Vida, a wonderful coffee shop in Pasadena, CA, and documented their pour over process. The light was perfect, the coffee was delicate, and I left happily caffeinated.

copa-vida-2 copa-vida-1

Pour Over Method

Pour Over Dripper (e.g. Hario v60)
Quality Whole Coffee Beans
Coffee Grinder
Cup or carafe
Scale (optional but recommended)

  1. Boil water (about 205 degrees F or 30 seconds off the boil)
  2. Place pour over dripper atop a mug or pitcher. Place the filter inside the cone.
  3. Grind about 20 grams of whole coffee beans. This is about two rounded tablespoons. Your grind should be about as course as kosher salt.
  4. Pre-rinse your filter and cup with hot water to preheat the brewer and mug.
  5. Discard water and add coffee into the filter.
  6. Saturate the grounds by gently pouring about 40 grams of hot water (double the amount of coffee). Work your way outward and you will begin to see the coffee swell up or “bloom”. Let coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds.
  7. Continue to gently pour water in a circular motion at such a rate that the brew process takes about two and half to three minutes. This should equate to about 350g of water.
  8. Remove dripper and drink pleasantly.

copa-vida-dt-2 copa-vida-dt-1 copa-vida-3

Location: Copa Vida x Pasadena, CA
Barista: Layne Eiler

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