Toby’s Estate Coffee: West Village Cafe
New York, NY

Toby’s Estate Coffee: West Village Cafe

Nothing gets us more excited than being a part of the growing coffee culture in New York City.  As coffee bloggers, Sam and I are always on the hunt for the next shop to experience or the next interesting story to tell in this diverse scene. Each coffee shop we visit leads us to another, like a coffee scavenger hunt. We usually hear about something new by word of mouth, but other times it’s by tasting some quality roasted coffee beans, ourselves, and researching the roasters. The latter was the case with Toby’s Estate. Toby’s Estate is one in particular that is flourishing here in NYC.

Enter their new locale: Toby’s West Village.  The new coffee shop is on the corner of Charles Street and 7th Avenue.  It fits well in the picturesque West Village; low-key, charming and nothing short of pleasant.

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The decor in the space is beautiful; sophisticated with a cool flare.  Brick walls embrace you as you walk in and a large communal table in the center invites you to stay a while.  Creating a space where people can interact and collaborate is something many coffee shop owners strive for and Toby’s has done just that with the design of their shop.

Their dedication to quality goes beyond the coffee, and also shines on their food menu.  “Toby’s Kitchen” has a great mix of light and hearty breakfast selections. Their breakfast sandwich “egg on a roll”, far exceeds your typical deli style on-the-fly order. A flawless, over-easy egg sits on a fresh bed of spinach topped off with two strips of espresso infused bacon. Perfection!

tobys-estate-13  tobys-estate-9 tobys-estate-10 tobys-estate-5

The drink menu has a wide selection. They can craft anything: from your favorite espresso drink or—for tea drinkers like me—they have some nice organic teas to choose from as well. Of all the specialty drink options, Sam’s choice is typically a flat white. The flat white is not offered everywhere just yet, but seems to be growing fast in its popularity. It’s because of this that many places might promise you a flat white, but just haven’t quite mastered it yet. Luckily for us, Toby’s has! The flat white Sam ordered was beautiful, with flavors exuding all the quality Toby’s Estate promises.

tobys-estate-fw-2 tobys-estate-7 tobys-estate-3 tobys-estate-1 tobys-estate-dt-1

One of the things Sam and I have learned by visiting different shops is that the staff makes all the difference. Sam was raised in Brooklyn and always talks about the old “neighborhood” feeling Brooklyn used to have. After we met the friendly, well-trained baristas here, we felt like it had that neighborhood feel we all know and love.

If we could have, we would have stayed all day. We’re really happy for them as they just opened and seem to be doing well. We look forward to our frequent visits to this comfortable, friendly shop next time we’re in the area. Well-done Toby’s—another good one!

tobys-estate-4 tobys-estate-6

Toby’s Estate (West Village)
44 Charles St, New York, NY 10014

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