Fernet-Branca: Who Owns the Secret?

Fernet-Branca: Who Owns the Secret?

The world of spirits is long and varied, made exclusively by aficionados who seek to create something special that will linger on well after your first sip. A sip that puts your sensory glands on overload and heightens your emotions. It’s a journey you disclose with pride to everyone you encounter. It’s the feeling of a life well lived.

In 1845, one such gentleman, Italian Bernardino Branca, sought to create a spirit that would not only be considered a great alcoholic beverage, but one that would be accepted by all. With the heart of entrepreneurship ingrained in his DNA, Branca was able to create the Fernet-Branca. The world accepted it instantly. It was a true testament to the adage that hard work does pay off.

For many, the ingredients of Fernet-Branca are common knowledge: myrrh, linden, galangal, chamomile, cinnamon, saffron, iris, gentian and bitter orange. However, the execution of these fine ingredients are only known to this day by the president of the company who holds guard the secret to the ratios and measurements of each ingredient. This secret is what creates an aura of mystique around the brand—a mystique that could be considered the final essential ingredient.

Fernet-Branca — Straight

2oz. Straight. Enjoy.

Best consumed as a digestif, Fernet-Branca hits your glass with an elegance that highlights the finer things in life; it’s an experience exclusive to the recipient. The aroma of the spirit will overtake you with its diversity in flavor profile, and once the first sip is taken a note of an intense bitterness overtakes your senses. But that should not be the end all. Another sip reveals overtones of spice so diverse in composition, yet still working together for the grand collective of defining the profile of the spirit.

So who knows the secret to this masterpiece?

In reality, not knowing makes it tastes better. It seduces you and makes you realize life is best enjoyed one sip at a time.

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