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Ending a chapter to begin a new one


To Subscribers, Friends, and Our Community —

When Life & Thyme first launched in 2012, it was no more than a hobby, a creative outlet, and an experiment. What was first a personal reflection of a group of close friends in Los Angeles, soon grew to be a global representation of food culture through the eyes of creatives with a knack for storytelling.

From online stories and cinematic short films to a printed high quality publication, the goal for Life & Thyme was never to be defined as a single idea, but an organic and evolving brand that is never stagnant. One that is flexible and willing to try new things and push the boundaries of storytelling, creativity, and documentation—which became a manifest for the last four years of Life & Thyme’s existence.

However, today marks the end of a chapter: we will be placing an indefinite pause on our print magazine. The 120 uncoated pages of Life & Thyme was the heart and soul of our creative efforts in the physical format, but our journey must continue to adapt to new ideas and the future of media. This magazine was by far the most challenging and fulfilling endeavor I have ever embarked upon—a necessary pivot in validating ourselves as a publication rather than simply a blog. That being said, our focus and resources will be placed on our online stories, digital distribution, video production and other exciting projects (both online and off) to reach more people and provide a greater impact to the culinary landscape.

While I will always be a fan of print (my proudest moment was opening that box of Issue One and smelling the ink on paper), the print magazine industry is an incredibly fickle one. Our efforts remained at the mercy of dated print distribution models—with our web presence eclipsing our print circulation ten-fold—and dramatically limiting how stories could be told. Our stories are of real people with real memories, experiences, emotions, passions, and hardships that have shaped who they are and what they do. To be entrusted with someone’s story so we can then tell others is a responsibility I do not take lightly and one that often requires freedom beyond 7.5×9.5 inches of paper on a quarterly release schedule.

So… no Issue Seven?

Issue Six will remain as the last printed issue of Life & Thyme for the time being. Stories from back issues will slowly roll out online with many new stories, city guides, videos, and other exciting projects publishing regularly on our website.

I have an active subscription for the magazine. Now what?

If you still have an active annual subscription, fret not. We will reimburse for any future copies that were due to you. Simply fill out this form.

What now?

This is the closing of an important chapter in our journey, with a fresh one just beginning. I can’t wait to share some of the exciting new projects we hope to launch soon, including a new website with a deeper emphasis on our contributors, new ways to tell stories, a docu-series launching September 20th, and bigger conversations around social and cultural issues using food as our lens. So as Ira Glass would say: “stay with us.”

— Antonio
Founder & Editor in Chief


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