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Since the launch of Life & Thyme in 2012, it has been the relentless pursuit of our team to deliver quality culinary journalism from all over the globe. Examining world culture through food, be it from our home base in Los Angeles to the drought-stricken regions of South Africa, the mountain bakeries of Morocco to the refugee camps cooking in Lebanon or the vibrant street markets of Tokyo, we strive for a dynamic, comprehensive approach to food coverage. Holding ourselves to the highest standard remains our hallmark. Our commitment to representing the people and stories of our industry is stronger than ever.

As we enter a new era for Life & Thyme (with a brand new redesign), we also embark on a mission for independence and sustainability. Delivering thoughtful, carefully researched journalism is an endeavor that requires significant resources, and yet is not easy to monetize in the modern, turbulent media landscape. That’s why today, we ask you—our readers—for support, by becoming a Life & Thyme Member.

In subscribing to our Membership Program, your contributions directly support our independent coverage of the food industry, and our dedicated contributing writers, photographers and editors who work tirelessly to explore topics that impact each of us every day. You’ll also help jumpstart future projects, like podcasts, exclusive events and other endeavors that fuse creativity, storytelling and food culture.

We intend to continue providing the reliable reporting you’ve come to expect from Life & Thyme—from longform stories and industry commentary to cinematic short films and immersive photography. And we intend to continue to raise the bar, to always be improving the quality of our content, increasing frequency and breadth of our coverage as well. But we can only do it with your help. We thank you for your loyalty to and interest in Life & Thyme from the very start, and we hope you’ll join us in the next chapter of this journey.

Welcome to the new Life & Thyme.

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