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We The People

My parents immigrated to the United States in the 70s from Mexico. It was a struggle, it was painful, and they left the life they knew for a chance of a better one. We’ve heard this story countless times—the American dream. But to fully grasp it and understand how emotional and complex this very notion really is, you would have to be an immigrant yourself or be a by-product of their struggle, like myself, a son of immigrants. I was born an American, in Los Angeles County, and constantly immersed in two worlds: American culture and Mexican culture. English and Spanish. Burgers and tacos.

To me, that is the America I love. One that isn’t one thing but a multitude of things. And people. And cultures. America was built on this foundation and will always be a nation of not just one thing. A nation that sets an example for democracy, humanitarian responsibility, and compassion for people. People! Real people with real lives, hopes, dreams and loved ones. These men, women and children are not mere line items on a piece of paper to be shipped back to a country where they may face persecution, but real people that were born into this world just like the rest of us with human rights.

Immigration policy for a country as large and powerful as the United States will never be easy but it should never jeopardize human respect, much less be barbaric in its action, which is what we faced in just this past weekend. Our very own constitution and the fabric of our democracy is at risk, but if history is any indication, it will prevail in the power of the people. Not government, not policy–but people.

At Life & Thyme, we may cover the luxury of eating, we may celebrate the food industry and things that are delicious, but our stories have always been rooted in the people. It is our mission to expand the conversations of civil, political and environmental issues on our platform because you do not need to look far to find them linked to the food industry—whether in America or abroad. To enjoy the food we eat, we must first care for those that grew it or prepared it.

The Migrant Kitchen, our docu-series highlighting the struggles and achievements of immigrants in Los Angeles’ food industry, was only the beginning in this new direction. We will continue on this journalistic path while also exploring campaigns to raise awareness and donations (including opening our own pocket books) for important organizations that fight against injustice, like ACLU.

We are also open to your ideas that explore these stories or campaigns benefitting groups that face similar injustice, inequality and humanitarian struggle. Feel free to reach out to us; we are here to help.

Founder of Life & Thyme

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