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Off the Menu: Issue Four

Editor’s Note: Each week, Life & Thyme contributors are trotting the globe, taking in the sights and turning over all kinds of culinary stones for future stories. In our new weekly Off the Menu series, we ask for their favorite food-related finds from all over––and share them here.

Antonio Diaz: Founder (Los Angeles); Antonio on Instagram

Brunch at Los Angeles’ Republique. Chef Walter Manzke is a genius with local ingredients and I don’t know any other chef in LA that personally visits a different farmers market every single day.


Jim Sullivan: Photographer (San Diego); Jim on Instagram

Brunch at the James Beard Award-winning restaurant The Workshop in Palm Springs, California, is outstanding. A great way to spend Sunday morning with family and friends.


Anne Watson: Photographer (Southern California); Anne on Instagram

This year our family discovered The Wagyu Shop, an online source that just launched in 2017 for buying some of the world’s best beef, delivered straight to your doorstep. Both American Wagyu primal cuts (like the Flank & Tri Tip pictured below) as well as Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks. We indulged in the Tri Tip for our family’s Christmas dinner at The Watson Ranch this week — prepared sous vide & then seared, it was sublime.  The marbling on every cut of this beef is unreal – melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Perfect for anyone who loves & appreciates good beef – and great for special occasions. They deliver via FedEx Priority Overnight, so there’s even time to still get some before New Year’s!


Stef Ferrari, Senior Editor (New York City); Stef on Instagram

While it’s not a book about food, per se, yoga teacher* Andrea Marcum’s Close to Om has been high on my anticipated reads list for some time. Everyone, everywhere, in every culture seems to be talking about mindfulness these days, but this book actually makes it seem like balance is an achievable thing, and that extends to the way we do everything––including eating and sharing meals with loved ones. Packed with useful, practical information, written with plenty of wit and levity, it’s a great start-the-year-right read, whether you’re a yogi or not.

Close to Om: Stretching Yoga from Your Mat to Your Life by Andrea Marcum

*If you happen to live in L.A., seek one of Marcum’s near-daily yoga classes.


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