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Off the Menu: Issue Three–Grab & Go Gifts

Editor’s Note: Each week, Life & Thyme contributors are trotting the globe, taking in the sights and turning over all kinds of culinary stones for future stories. In our new weekly Off the Menu series, we ask for their favorite food-related finds from all over––and share them here.

This week’s edition is all about last––last––minute gifts.

Stef Ferrari: Senior Editor (NYC); Stef on Instagram

Subscriptions! At the last minute, there’s nothing better than being able to purchase a subscription for someone and have the gift in your inbox instantly. I usually try to dress up the presentation, print out a confirmation/explanation of the service and still have something to wrap up. For example, a coffee subscription paired with a mug, or an olive oil subscription tied to a loaf of good bread with a bow.

A few of my favorites:

Nudo Olive Oil: Allows you to actually adopt an olive tree in Italy, from which oil will be produced and delivered to your recipient throughout the course of the year!

Saloonbox: For the boozers in your brood. This subscription sends mix-ready ingredients and instructions for a new cocktail every time.

Mistobox: Sleep in––let the professionals do the work. Varying length subscriptions of hand-selected, roasted-to-order coffee.

And see below for awesome wine options from Pour This…

Katrina Frederick: Assistant Editor; Katrina on Instagram

I’m putting bulbs of black garlic from Obis One in my food-loving family members’ stockings. A nice alternative to coal!

Anne Watson: Photographer (Southern California); Anne on Instagram

I’ve recently fallen in love with Made In Cookware. This line of American-made premium stainless cookware launched this fall and is an affordable option for home cooks who are looking for professional-grade pots and/or pans at home-cook prices. I particularly love my 10″ fry pan for searing meats as well as cooking vegetables. A great last-minute gift idea for anyone who loves to cook.

Jim Sullivan: Photographer (San Diego); Jim on Instagram

My favorite cookbook of 2017. A great addition for any foodie :)

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

Carly DeFillipo: Writer (NYC); Carly on Instagram

The peak ice collection from W&P Design*. These silicone ice trays (with stabilizing steel frames) bring high-quality cocktail bar ice to the home freezer. What’s the most fun is that even your foodi’est friends likely haven’t made this purchase, and it will instantly upgrade all their drinks—from seltzer to stiff cocktails and beyond. (They even sell them on Amazon for a truly last-minute shipping option!)

*Transparency / Disclaimer: I work for W&P Design…but I’m also giving these to all my friends because I think they’re such a great gift.

Ashley Ragovin: Writer* (Los Angeles); Ashley on Instagram

Pour This is for sure the greatest wine membership on planet earth, and your mom / brother / impossible sister-in-law / boss / neighbor who loves good wine will really appreciate bottles from actual farmers and passionate people around the world. These wines are rooted in community, pleasure, and people. Shameless plug, yes! But great gift idea nonetheless!? Also happy to offer Life & Thyme readers 10% off their purchases with the code LT10.

*Ashley is the curator/proprietor behind Pour This

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