Cocktails in Motion: Le Lapin by Bon Temps

Cocktails in Motion

Le Lapin by Bon Temps

In Los Angeles, Bon Temps’ Beverage Director Michael Lay shares his recipe for his root vegetable inspired cocktail, Le Lapin.

Recipe by Beverage Director Michael Lay

Ultimately, I wanted to make a really good Pimms Cup, which is a great classic cocktail with low alcohol, bold flavor, and is perfect to enjoy with food. With Pimms itself being bittersweet (heavier on the sweet side), I wanted to layer in complexity to the drink with root vegetables that added a depth of earthiness and spice, while keeping a balance between a sugar-based syrup and vinegar-based shrub. The combination of ginger, carrot and parsnip takes a straightforward, easy drinking cocktail to the next level with a vegetal approach.

Le Lapin


— 2 oz. Pimms
— .75 oz. lemon juice
— .75 oz. ginger syrup*
— .75 oz. carrot and parsnip shrub**
— 2.5 oz. soda water


Combine all ingredients except soda in a cocktail shaker and shake with 1 medium ice cube for 10 seconds. Add soda to tin. Strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Garnish with a large basil sprig and a tiny carrot. 

 *Ginger Syrup

— 1/3 cup ginger juice
— 1/2 sugar

Standard 3:1 can be scaled up or down for additional yield.

Method: Blend until sugar has dissolved. 

**Carrot & Parsnip Shrub

— 8 oz. carrot juice
— 8 oz. parsnip juice
— 8 oz. sugar
— 2 oz. apple cider vinegar

Method: Blend until sugar has dissolved.

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