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Chef Claudette Zepeda On Inclusivity Within Food Media

December 4, 2020

Chef Claudette Zepeda is a San Diego based chef who received national acclaim for her time as the executive chef & partner behind El Jardín. Currently, she is Executive Chef of Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas.

While coming up in the industry, there weren’t any Mexican female chefs of note to look up to. For her, change comes through amplifying the voices of female chefs and pushing women of color into the spotlight. “If I could be that hero for the little girl that wants to be a cook or my kids that’s really, that’s the goal,” Zepeda says.

We’re excited to have her as part of Life & Thyme Brigade, a growing network of advisors and industry professionals who have joined us on our mission to build a more equitable and informed future. We invite you to join us on this mission to create a more equitable and informed future by becoming a Life & Thyme member.


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